Visco-Ring-Cushion---43-x-43cm Cushion only

Visco Ring Cushion - 43 x 43cm

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An innovative visco foam ring that allows the user to sit for longer than is normally recommended for a ring cushion. For individuals who suffer from conditions relating to pressure sores, this cushion can offer a significant amount of relief. The highly therapeutic material softens with the weight and heat of the body and moulds to the individual's requirements. The closed cell construction offers improved pressure distribution promoting increased sitting tolerance. This means that the likelihood of sores developing or worsening is reduced. By distributing the weight evenly across the cushion, the user is less likely to feel localised pain or aches. The comfortable cushion is a discreet way of providing therapeutic relief for those who need it. The cushion allows the user to remain ventilated. An optional slip-over toweling cover is available. This offers additional comfort fot those who are sat down on it. A cushion that has been constructed from a foam ring for extra comfort The ventilated cushion can aid users who are experiencing conditions Softening the weight and heat of the user can improve recovery times The cushion is extremely comfortable and offers discreet pain releif The cushion and cover are available to purchase separately Size 43 x 43cm (17 x 17")