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The new Volaris S7 is a truly modern take on the classic four-wheeled rollators. Its lightweight frame features a collapsible X-type Construction which allows the frame to fold away easily whilst still remaining upright.

This allows the S7 to be transported and stored with minimum effort. The S7 is suitable for almost anyone. The seat and handles are simple to adjust, making it ideal for the tall and the small. This rollator is ideal for use outdoors as the VABS braking system offers smooth and efficient braking. The brakes can also be locked to allow the user to take a rest on the seat without the fear of the rollator slipping away for efficient braking.

The Volaris S7 is manufactured in Sweden from re-usable material. Design and construction patent applied for. The rollator has been developed in accordance with the applicable standard for walking aids, ISO 11199-2:2006. Innovative four-wheeled rollator

  • Seat height: 46 - 60cm
  • Dimensions when folded: 23cm wide x 70cm in depth x 76cm height 
  • Max user weight 150kg
  • Height 76-102cm