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Community Washable Bed Pad

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Warm, comfortable and highly absorbent, these bed pads are the ideal solution for an individual suffering from incontinence issues. The high level of absorbency is enough to help keep the sleeper dry if they suffer a leak, which ensures that they remain comfortable throughout the night.

With this pad, the need to change bedding is reduced drastically and the properties help the user through preventing sores and infection. The high quality quilted finish and highly absorbent fibres assist faster dispersal of liquid. This protects the mattress from the effects of damp and offers the user a comfortable sleeping surface.

It comes complete with a durable waterproof backing and can be washed in a washing machine at 40°C, up to 200 times. A pad designed to protect furniture from dampness caused by incontinence They allow the user to keep their current bedding dry at night

The quilted, highly absorbent fibres are comfortable to lie on A faster dispersal of liquid results in a lower incidence of sores or infection Safe to be machine washed for repeated use

Dimensions: Length: 850mm (33.5") Width: 700mm (27.5")

Please note: colour may vary