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Wooden Boccia / Bocce / Botcha Set

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This is a wooden Boccia set. Boccia (pronounced botcha) is an internationally recognised game played at the Paralympics. It was created so that those who suffer from motor conditions are not left out when it comes to playing sporty games. This set allows people at home, in a club or even a school to play boccia, and get to grips with the game. This high quality wooden Boccia set includes two green balls, two blue balls, two yellow balls, two red balls and one white Jack ball. The hardened wood provides it with durable and resilient qualities, which means that this whole set can be used on almost any surface such as grass, dirt, sand. Using this outside can liven up any barbeque or beach party. The aim of the game is to roll the Boccia ball closest to the Jack or Target ball as it is otherwise known. It can be played almost anywhere with a flat surface, however the official size for a Boccia court is 12 feet wide by 60 feet long. Since its appearance in the 2012 Paralympic games, Boccia has become increasingly popular. The simplicity of this game means it can be enjoyed by anyone, and this hardened wooden set will ensure that you have fun, wherever you bring it. The game can be played by up to eight players as follows: A) One Player vs another - Four balls each B) Two Players vs Two Players - Two balls each C) Four Players vs Four Players - One Ball each Boccia is a fun and rewarding game designed for those who may experience problems relating to motor or strength It is an internationally recognised sport which is played at the paralympics This hard wooden set looks beautiful as well as being practical The durable balls can be played on a variety of outside surfaces, including grass and sand In the set there are 2 blue boccia balls, 2 green boccia balls, 2 red boccia balls, 2 yellow boccia balls and a smaller white jack ball